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Bridge Case Management Limited

A family owned and operated specialist rehabilitation company, providing immediate needs assessments (INA) and coordination of treatment and case management services for adults and children following accidents resulting in severe or complex orthopaedic and traumatic injuries.

We maintain the client at the centre of the rehabilitation process, whilst working with and understanding the perspectives of the legal representatives on both sides of the personal injury claim. Our experienced and skilled case managers and operational team use their knowledge of healthcare, treatment options and the rehabilitation process, whilst supporting and managing the client and their families expectations. 

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Immediate Needs Assessment

Assisting our clients

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Specialist Rehabilitation

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Dedicated to assist our clients

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What we value most

Bridge Case Management has a zero-tolerance approach against all and any allegations of violence, harassment, discrimination or aggression in any way. The policy is for the protection of our staff and will be dealt with in line with our harassment and discrimination policy.

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