Sue Ford

Sue qualified as an adult and a children’s nurse in 1989 and has worked in a wide variety of practice settings since. Sue has proven skills in managing complexity and working across health and social care teams and agencies. Sue has excellent communication skills and a strong sense of ethical practice, ensuring the highest standards of client care. She is committed to working in a holistic way with clients, and has a family-centred approach to working with children and young people. Sue has a substantial knowledge of healthcare research and education and is passionate about the need for case managers to keep up to date with the developing knowledge base and sharing good practice.

In November 2014 she became a Director of the Case Management Society of the UK (CMSUK) to support the work of that organization in promoting good practice and standards across the case management industry.

She has a high level of business and finance acumen and has held positions where she has had to demonstrate significant influence with external bodies and organizations. Sue has a track record of delivering ambitious commercial targets. In her previous role she had responsibility for a budget of approximately £8,000,000 and was able to protect core contracts in the face of increased competition.

Sue has extremely well-developed problem-solving and communication skills and significant experience of managing risk, prioritization and target setting to ensure client needs are met appropriately. She fully appreciates the need to be transparent and facilitative when multiple partners are involved in care to ensure coherence for the client and a collaborative approach among the team. Ultimately, she strives to achieve a balance between demonstrating modern and adaptable business practices whilst maintaining confidence in organisational and ethical integrity.