Staying positive

Staying positive in difficult and uncertain times can be hard work. Its important to recognize each and every small gain you make.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by everything that is being thrown at you following an injury. Especially when every aspect of life feels like an emotional and physical challenge. But setting small achievable goals, recognizing achievements (no matter how small) and keeping a daily and weekly routine can really help.

When you are used to having your life structured by work, hobbies and chores, suddenly being without routine can leave you stranded, even if its something we all dream of. Days blend into one another, the need to fit 'normal' daytime and nighttime routines becomes lost, and very quickly you can lose track of time.

Not having anything to do can be harmful to your psychological well being. Setting daily and weekly routines, no matter how limited can help enormously with managing this. Even if its just having a diary that shows when your appointments are, being the one who remembers which bin goes out, or keeping track of the kids after school activities.

Try and find things you can do, whether its sitting at the table to assist with meal preparation, reading a story to your child because you can do that bit of their bedtime routine, or participating in your hobby at some level, even just as a spectator. Routine, purpose and social interaction are an essential part of what we need as human beings.

Recognize your achievements and where you are now. When you look back at how you were a week or a month ago, you'll probably be pleased with the progress you have made with some things. And the other things that haven't improved, will improve with time and effort.