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The Bridge Team Grows


We have three more members of the Bridge family. Mimi Basri and Jenny Stokes, both nurses with excellent clinical experience, and Julia Barnett, our amazing addition to the admin team.

Mimi hails from Bulgaria, and is multi-lingual. Her clinical experience is varied, and prior to working with Bridge, she worked for the DWP doing assessments for Employment Support Allowance. Mimi has a growing case load of complex cases, and tackles all problems thrown in her direction with a calm approach. We've also found that despite English not being her first language, she is probably the best at doing forensic reviews of our cases, and pulling together summaries to help us take that all important step back and ensure that all aspects of a client's rehab are being considered.

Jenny trained as a nurse while serving in the RAF, part of her 12 years service. This included three months serving in Afghanistan, supporting servicemen and civilians injured in the war. She also worked a secondment at Headley Court. Jenny, like Mimi, is very precise in her work, and likes to ensure that each step of the process is dealt with promptly and appropriately. She is very proactive, and enjoys talking to the clients about their progress.

Mimi and Jenny work from home, Mimi in Hampshire, and Jenny in Birmingham.

And Julia has worked in many different environments, and has traveled around the world as her husband served as an Army Officer for 30 years, and has a wealth of knowledge about so many ways of working. Julia has stepped into our well established team, and added amazing value to how we all work.

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