Mimi Basri

Mimi qualified as a nurse in 1987 in Bulgaria and worked in a variety of roles, principally in A&E, intensive care and theatres, before moving to the UK in 2006. Mimi worked in different practice settings, including two years as an Approved Disability Analyst for the Department of Work and Pensions. This role gave me valuable insight into the impact of ill health and injury on people’s lives, and the agencies available for support, both inside and outside of statutory services.

She moved into a case management role with Bridge CM in 2017. The knowledge Mimi has gathered over her decades as a nurse is impressive. As well as providing excellent support to her clients and ensuring that the multidisciplinary teams are well informed and working well towards the clients’ rehab goals, she provides invaluable support to the Bridge CM team by helping us with forensic reviews of medical records.

Mimi's experience with Bridge CM has involved many multi-trauma cases and has given her the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of limb reconstruction and the associated rehabilitation needs. Mimi enjoys attending as many relevant study days and workshops as possible to further develop this knowledge.

Mimi is obviously fluent in Bulgarian and English but can also speak Russian well and is currently learning Spanish. She has a love of languages and grasps the basics of most very easily.