Good lifestyle choices

Every choice in life has an impact upon our health and well-being. This is even more apparent when you are recovering from an injury and returning to an active lifestyle. Your body requires several elements to assist it with healing that you can directly influence.


The old adage of an 'apple a day keeps the Doctor away' holds some truth. The food we eat supplies our body with the building blocks it needs for physical recovery from injury. Some food will provide this nutrition better than others. Some foods offer empty calories and higher levels of processed foods and these drag your body and metabolism down. Have a look here for some healthy hints and tips.


Water is essential to life, and helps maintain our joints in good working order. Ensuring you are getting enough water is a great boost to your health and well being, and can aid in weight loss. For more information follow this link


Sleeping like a baby really is good for you. Not only mentally, but also physically. The topic is further explored here. Sadly sleep can easily evade us, for a number of reasons. Some simple tips to aid sleep can be found here.


Exercise has many benefits, both physical and psychological. Although exercise options may be different following an injury any exercise you can do will be of benefit to you immeadiately, and in the future. For information follow this link.

Stopping smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for us, but giving up can be hard. There is a lot of support out there but did you know that smoking is also one of the leading causes of fractures failing to heal? Your doctor may well have discussed this with you, it is a very real problem. For more facts and figures follow this link.

Being overweight and Obesity

As your waist line increases so does your risk of serious disease. Not only that it significantly increases the load our skeletons have to carry, increasing wear on joints, and the amount of energy required to move. To improve chances of a successful physical rehabilitation achieving an optimum weight can have great benefits. The NHS delivers a free 12 week wight-loss programme. The details of which can be found here.