Clare Cound

Throughout her thirty-year nursing career (adult and child) Clare has been drawn to working in demanding, ever changing environments, which was ideal for when she started at Bridge CM in 2015. She has developed skills that have allowed her to continuously demonstrate a calm and supportive approach when working under pressure and a confidence working well within a multidisciplinary team, but also relishing acting on her own initiative as a manager, ensuring high levels of safe and effective patient-centred care is provided at all times.

The knowledge and skills gained as a Nurse Advisor within the busy and pressurised environment of the Clinical Contact Centre, coupled with the invaluable and transferable management and nursing skills, has enabled Clare to develop the essential attributes required to safely assess and advise the general public accessing NHS Direct Wales (NHSDW), Welsh Ambulance Trust (WAST) on the most appropriate and safest outcomes to meet a plethora of general health, mental health and social care needs. Within this is required a high level of responsibility, critical thinking and analytical prowess.

Clare has an eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and many years of experience managing complex and urgent situations over the telephone. She is relishing the opportunity to work with clients over a longer period and working throughout their rehabilitation to a successful outcome.