Case Management

Our Case Managers ensure that the client receives high quality, clear and concise information about what is available to them and support them to make informed choices about their recovery.

We provide information to funders to help make decisions regarding costs of treatment options and their potential outcomes.

We have a vast experience of dealing with medical, psychological, social and employment needs, and how to use effective communication with all parties to achieve the best possible outcomes.

On receipt of a referral Bridge Case Management can offer a brief telephone triage service, and we can provide feedback as to whether the case can be managed without an Immediate Needs Assessment.

This can be suitable for minor injury cases where the client has already returned to work, or there is a very clear plan for a return to work, or where no return to work is required.

The same Case Management model is utilised, and an assessment report can be provided if requested.

If at any stage a face to face meeting appears necessary Bridge Case Management will contact all parties to discuss.