Brian Hudson

Brian qualified as Registered Nurse in 1995 from Sheffield University and Doncaster School of Nursing, working initially with clients with Learning Disabilities and related challenging behaviours.

The greater part of his career has been in Brain Injury Rehabilitation in hospital and community-based settings. He has worked as both nurse and hospital manager and has extensive knowledge of the assessment and care of clients with brain injuries and the impact this has on a person’s social, working and family relationships. Since joining the Bridge team in 2014 he has gained lots of experience of working with clients with orthopaedic injuries. His own interest in sport and fitness has enabled him to take a very proactive approach to the physical nature of his clients’ rehabilitation needs.

Brian's experience means he has a very empathetic approach to clients with multi-trauma needs, recognizing the psychological impact of major trauma. He can also help clients and the stakeholders navigate through the complexities of cases which involve physical and brain injury trauma.